Law of Corporations

One of our basic services is to set up a German legal entity for a foreign investor, meeting his / her needs in regards of liability, capital-set-up or control. We also help to structure these entities to meet At-Arm?s-length requirements by German International Tax law.

After establishing your company in Germany, you will need to comply with local, national and European regulations. This implies yet another level of legal and tax-related challenges beyond the German income, excise and payroll taxes. Moreover, you will need to comply with rigid transfer pricing regulations here in Germany as well as in your home country.

Other Services for Companies Investing in Germany

Foreign companies investing in Germany are faced with just as many opportunities as challenges. We have enabled numerous clients in a wide variety of industries with diverse objectives and operations to capitalize on these opportunities and meet any arising challenges effectively.

Initially it is imperative to make the right decision on where to locate your entity. Your trade tax rate, which can vary considerably, will depend on your entities registered location in Germany. Separately, you will need to decide which form of organization best fits your operational needs while minimizing exposure to national and local taxation. The answers to these and other questions can only be provided by informed professionals with integrated legal and tax expertise.

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